Scorpio Horoscope


Scorpio horoscope is the 8th zodiac sign. It starts from October 23rd and ends on November 22nd. As the name suggests, the symbol is a scorpion.Scorpio Horoscope


Scorpio horoscope is used to determine the traits about Scorpio.Scorpio horoscope is the best horoscope before starting form what is,we would like to throw light more about Scorpio horoscope.this will help scorpions to know more about themself from this horoscope.

what is Scorpio ??

Scorpio is an organization started by a group of people to research about the scorpion people and wanted to provide all the information about Scorpions happening around the world. We guys are researching on this topics for the past 10 years which let us to give information about scorpion-like

  • what is the behavior of the Scorpion people
  • compatibility of the Scorpio zodiac with other zodiac sign
  • how the Scorpio horoscope will change your life by implementing the cures and procedures develop by us.

These people are dead serious in life. They are not the ones to indulge in idle chatter and little games. They come straight to the point and don’t waste time lingering over pleasantries. They have a tendency to see the world in black and white never in grey. Both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. Mars was named after the Roman God of War while Pluto was the God of the Underworld. With two such powerful planets ruling them, these people are the definition of motivation and determination to succeed at any costs. They are the kind of people who should never be crossed because they are vengeful and will make you suffer for affecting them in some way. They enjoy competition and hence excel in sports. Scorpio is associated with the element Water. These people are emotional but unlike other members associated with water, Scorpions are vocal about their emotions. They tend to repress their emotions.

Scorpio Traits in a Nutshell

SignScorpio Horoscope
Symbol & ShapeThe Scorpion
Ruling PlanetMars
Part Of Kalapurush(Time Personified)Backside & Private Part
Lucky GemCoral
Lucky ColourRed
Auspicious DayTuesday
Favorable LordHanuman Ji
Fasting DayTuesday
Lucky Number9
Favorable Dates9,18,27
Friendly Zodiac SignCancer, Pisces
Enemy Zodiac SignAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Specific PersonalityCritical,Lawful,Saintly
Positive AttitudeWitty, Fearless, Computing, Attitude
Negative AttitudeFighter, Looser Talker, Glutton

Scorpio horoscope give best result about Scorpio.Not only it help Scorpio but it will help other zodiac horoscope to get more and deep about Scorpio from Scorpio horoscope.since our main focus is on scorpio so will not only tell the long long story of Scorpio but will also tell about the comparability with other zodiac


Like a scorpion, Scorpio would prefer to kill themselves rather than die by the hand of another person. They need to be in control of their destiny. They expect life to run on their terms. Some people can’t stand this overbearing attitude of theirs. The curiosity of a Scorpio is insatiable. They make efficient investigators. They keen sense of intuition and curiosity invariably lets them get to the bottom of things.

Scorpio rarely fail. Their determination to succeed makes them work till they achieve it. Their motto is to work hard today and enjoy tomorrow. They make good leaders, surgeons, doctors and scientists. They have an almost obsessive need to be in a power position. They are much more suited to giving orders than taking orders from other people. They also like to run businesses and organizations that make an impact on society. They are conservative in their investments and spending. They are also very secretive and guard whatever investments they make for fear that someone will also use the same tactic. This makes them come off as selfish.For more info visit Scorpio

They are focused on getting to know everything that goes on around them to the extent that they nag people for information. They can be probing and intuitive. They are extremely clever and perceptive. Their need to know everything combined with their intuition can sometimes backfire on them. They are capable of turning a small error into a huge deal.

Relationship and community

A relationship or friendship with Scorpions is always complex. They can be extremely passionate one day and moody the next. They are loyal to their friends but are extremely jealous and possessive. They have an excellent memory and, unfortunately, this means they will never forget any harm everyone to them and will take revenge on that person. On the other hand, they also will never forget an act of kindness towards them and repay it whenever they can. Scorpions can be distrustful people who are always suspicious of other people. They feel that others are going to steal their ideas and accolades. However, a selfless act will instantly give them trust in the other person and they will remain loyal to them from then on. If you are honest with a Scorpio, you will get an amazing friend in return.

Scorpio Men And Women

Men and women of this sign are very similar when it comes to romantic endeavors. They are very demanding in a relationship and expect honesty from the other person. They are full of mystery and intrigue and like it that way. Scorpion women have a strong feminine presence that men adore. She will never give her heart out just like that. She needs to know if the man is worthy of her before she opens up to him. The way women exude feminine determination; men exhibit a strong sexual masculine force. While he is willing to be a part of flings, it is harder to get him to commit to a long-term relationship. They tend to be sensitive, but they don’t show it out. They need a woman who can coax it out of them. The downside to being in a relationship with people from this sign is that they are extremely possessive and jealous. Their tendency to blow things out of proportion also leads to lots of problems in a relationship. They need people who can be patient with them.

On the whole, Scorpio is a sign of intensity. They are intense people who sometimes display varying extremities of emotion. They can be cool and detached one day and passionate and intense the next. They have a will to succeed and the persistence to make it happen. They have a constant itch to know whatever is happening around them. They tend to control anybody who lets them. They treat their friends with the utmost loyalty and kindness. Their generosity for the people they care about knows no bounds. They are considered to be controlling because this is what makes them feel secure. Scorpions are most like to hold power positions in this world.



FACT: Scorpio zodiac sign is the most common zodiac sign and comprises of around 10% of the total population and you are now on the platform of Scorpio which will brief you about everything about this zodiac sign though its mental horoscope or its psychological horoscope. we will be covering the exclusive topics and a discussion platform so to bring the scorpions from all over the world at this one platform of  Scoprio horoscope .us . If you wanted to know more about yourself, your love life,compatibility,money problems then we are happy to help you at zero cost($).
we will also be covering major topics of Scorpio horoscope like-

Scorpio Horoscope Of Love-

since you are now aware by reading the above article that Scorpions are the truly passionate people they are so immense and erotic that they are more compatible with water signs and earth signs since it sounds like tremendously different but as of all you know that Scorpio is itself a water signs so they are alike in the fact that they are both driven by emotions so  both of the mostly go with their heart rather than the logical truth.This gives Fire and Water a common that makes for some pretty emotional discussions. As you all know the fact that fire can only be controlled and calm down by water so when one is at high then other can control his emotions and anger.

Scorpio Horoscope of Money-

Money is one of the things that everyone wants to have in this world and are struggling day and night to earn it. And when it comes to money the scorpions doesn’t have to struggle for money. Scorpio are focused and serious about their career so nothing engages a Scorpio more than pursuing an out-of-reach goal that promises power, lifelong financial security or a chance to be seen as the best in your field. Since scorpions are people who are open to innovation so you should find path to showcase your secretly cultivated gifts without looking alive.

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